20,000 AVS-enabled Devices

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News out of IFA in Berlin this week was that there were over 20,000 different devices that have had Alexa directly integrated into them, up from 4,000 in January. That’s a huge milestone and could mean Alexa dominance over Google Assistant for the foreseeable future.

It’s not clear what’s the breakdown of these devices. How many of them are speakers, TVs, infotainment systems, or other integrations. It’s also not clear the stage of the devices. Whether they are prototypes or devices that have already hit the market.

Amazon also announced 50,000 Skills (which might as well be 500,000 or 5,000,000). However, more endpoints for Alexa means that Skills can reach more people, meaning more of a revenue share from Amazon. Some ways that Alexa can grab new users:

  • Create a client for Windows and macOS that also has the ability to control local tasks.
  • Add Alexa Calling to third party devices
  • Allow for music access to more types of devices
  • Allow for self-certification of devices

There are still many places to integrate AI assistants and it’ll be interesting to see what designers come up with next.

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