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News came out this week that DuerOS surpassed 150 million connected devices with 35 million active daily users. Other stats includes 110 devices on market with DuerOS built in, 16,000 active developers of 50,000+ “skills” and the ability to control 20,000 devices/services.

In China, Amazon and Google have negligible presence and would still need to follow certain guidelines. Baidu may have the freedom to carry out more audacious implementations that push the envelope.

It would be interesting if Duer could try to make the leap to North America in some capacity. Maybe it could focus on an ultra low cost but high quality music device? Maybe it could give away free unlimited music with the purchase of a device?

If Baidu can succeed in getting to 200–300 million users, it could quickly develop technologies that could pose a threat to anything Amazon or Google have developed here.

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