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Big congrats to SoundHound Inc. on closing their Series E round for $100M! This brings a huge influx of capital into creating new voice technologies and voice assistants. Depending on how that money is deployed, it could bring another 400 person-years of development (at least at Bay area costs) to voice and make it easier to deploy voice and in more ubiquity.

What would be exciting is for there to be a viable, customizable alternative to Alexa Voice Service and embedded Google Assistant. The current tools place this just out of reach of most smart speaker makers (and other voice devices).

Perhaps this also sets up SoundHound to work with other billion dollar-plus sized companies. A major retailer like Walmart could quickly fold in a SoundHound into their own product and create their own voice ordering tech.

My wish list:

  • A simple SoundHound API and SDK with completely pre-built assistant and all the integrations done (music services, IoT, etc)
  • The ability to customize through a dashboard the experience
  • Emotion detection and biometrics built into the service

Excited to see where they go with this!

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