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I’m digesting still the Amazon hardware announcement and what it means but one announcement is the availability of 100,000 Skills. That’s a lot. Amazon is clearly made a lot of strides in developing the ecosystem for Skills to be developed. I remember when there were only a few hundred, just four years ago.

This isn’t the same growth as the Apple App Store but the ratio of Skills to devices is much higher than Apps to iPhones. Maybe we’ll see that ratio decrease over time, with all of the new Alexa endpoints. However, it’s a pretty big milestone.

There’s still an issue of Skill discovery or the compelling reason for people to look up and link to a Skill. Entertainment and games, especially for kids, is compelling. IoT? Shopping? Maybe. The interaction or convenience has to be so compelling for someone to go the extra route of invoking a Skill to do something.

With more visually interactive Echo devices, we’re probably going see many more Skills come to market and for the Skills to look more like apps with voice, screen, and touch feedback.

We’ll probably get to 1,000,000 Skills within three years.

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