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Today, we’re announcing a new kit that allows developers to get up and running with Alexa Voice Service in 10 minutes. Anyone with a RaspberryPi, speaker, and microphone can have their own Echo-like device without a lot of work or programming know-how.

While their are example apps out there, we found them to be cumbersome and require too much knowledge to get functional. Now, if you know how to use an SD card and RaspberryPi, you can setup Alexa Voice Service with our AVS Kit for FREE.

To get it, just visit The actual installation can be started from a single command line.

What’s different about this setup vs the GitHub repo from Amazon?

  • You don’t need a monitor
  • You don’t need to add a trigger source — Sensory’s Alexa trigger is already integrated as are other methods
  • You can control through a web browser
  • You can experiment with different modes of endpoint detection and acknolwedgements
  • You can use multiple mic sources and speakers by just selected from drop down menus
  • You don’t need to know how to program!

What else are we announcing? This same technology can be used by device makers that want to integrated Alexa Voice Service into their products. Our software is hardware independent, meaning that hardware makers have a choice and don’t need to be locked to any specific module.

Very excited to share more!

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