ּBuried in the Email

Every week, I get an email update from my daughter’s teacher with the schedule for the week and any special things that are happening. The teacher clearly puts an effort into these updates and I’m very grateful.

I usually get to the email while another child is watching overhead or another smaller one is trying to do something dangerous in the kitchen cabinets. As a result, my attention is spent scanning quickly over the email and looking for the schedule to print out.

I miss things.

“For Friday, remember to bring a cut up apple”

Uh oh. It doesn’t help that there’s also a WhatsApp group in which tasks are assigned and then buried under subsequent messages.

My wish is an application that can highlight the “asks” and work across all communication platforms. We’ll need to grant access for bots to our messages and then generate reminders.



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Leor Grebler

Leor Grebler

Independent daily thoughts on all things future, voice technologies and AI. More at http://linkedin.com/in/grebler